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When  you are in Catania you think of  Baroque painting of the Piazza del Duomo u Liotru, the Monastery of the Benedictines, Greek-Roman Etnan theater , which are some of the most famous place her to see, but there is much more.

… Catania is a maze of streets submerged by the graffiti and all kinds of goods for sale. It is the confusion of the Fish Market and the smoke rising from the copious barbecue Via Plebiscito. It is the decadent charm of the red light district (San Beryl), the irresistible mix of ethnic groups, smells and tastes that run the city day and night. It’s striking mosaic of activity fruitful, creative and courageous, that is reclaiming the land and the observance are administrative respond spreading culture and art of recycling.

Catania is a bizarre and wild flower difficult to grasp and to describe. But like all the flowers occasionally he lost some petals. And some of them, sometimes, they stop on the lens of a camera.

Here in Catania 15 photographic detail.



1. The library ‘s outdoor ARCI Gammazita , Piazza Federico II of Sveviia . The guys who run it are also promoters of Castle released , the project aimed at upgrading the spaces of Castello Ursino.



2. San Berillo and its graffiti.



3.Alla Piscaria di Catania  where you go just to buy the fish , but also to meet, chat and watch the world go by..



4. Sala interna di Nievski, one of the oldest places in the center of Catania , located on the Alessi Steps.



Catania_Librincircolo5. LibrincircoloThe traveling library of Catania that leads around the town books , debates and exhibitions .


20150919_2102286. GammaZ Officina del riciclo, well displaed house painting of the historic Gammazita ( XII century).


raccolta_differenziata_catania7. While people are trying to find a solution about the waste issue, even evaluating  the possibility of a door to door collection, some other people in Catania are organizing a more creative recycling method.



 8. Paintings for sale in the fish market located in the square.


street_food_catania9. Roasted peppers behind the Fish Market , a classic street food Catania.


20150512_09350010. A bicycle suspended and bags transformed into vessels between graffiti and water pipes in a small street near Piazza Bellini.


teatro_coppola_catania11. Teatro Coppola, the oldest theater in Catania was left to rot in the indifference of the upper floors, it was given new life after the occupation of a group of citizens at the end of 2011.


ursino_buskers_catania12. Indications and poems clinging to the railings at Ursino buskers .


catania_festa_indù13. Catania multiethnic vibe is best shown in Shiva near streets of the old town.


Catania_centro_storico14. In Catania we greet you in this way.

palestra_lupo_catania15. Furniture from recycled , photographic exhibitions and clothes swaps in the Gym Wolf , autonomous space where you can take courses in yoga and tai chi at symbolic prices .


(pictures by Simona Camporesi.)