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With its extraordinary baroque old town, the beaches overlooking a
crystalline sea, the impressive profile of Etna , its culinary
excellence and its vibrant  nightlife, Catania is undoubtedly one of
the most interesting not only in Sicily, but of all Italy.
Treat yourself to a weekend of history, sea, entertainment and
cuisine, treat  yourself to a  weekend in Catania!


Porta Garibaldi

Just read the inscription below the arch of Porta Ferdinandea (today
Porta Garibaldi) to understand the essence of Catania, Melior de
cinere Surgo, “reborn from the ashes even more beautiful.” Because if
seven times the fury of Etna ,the people of Catania rebuilt seven
times and each time became more beautiful.

Hard to say what affects on the city, the extraordinary richness of
baroque buildings of the old town that has “forced”  UNESCO to declare
it a World Heritage Site, the transparent waters of its beaches, the
imposing presence of Etna smoking undaunted or sizzling nightlife that
extends until the morning, the fact is that Catania is easy to fall
madly in love with.

Of course, a weekend will not be enough time to discover all the magic
of the city but it will be enough to get a taste of this eclectic city
and experience you will not easily forget.

Here, is the advice of the B & B Globetrotter Catania to see and
experience  the best of Catania in three days.

If you arrive before sunset  Catania will welcome you the top of its
form. Landing at Fontanarossa is already a dive into the beauty of the
landscape, with Mount Etna in the background and prickly pear on the
street corners. Take the Alibus its (4 euro) and get off to the
Arches, then continue on foot for (5 minutes) to reach via Auteri and
the B & B Globetrotter, where we will welcome you with all the
information you need to start your weekend off in Catania.

scoprire catania_piazza_duomo

Head first  to the Piazza del Duomo to admire the magical play of
light that illuminates the baroque facades of the City Hall, the Porta
Uzeda, the impressive Duomo and the Amenano fountain,U Liotru, the
elephant of lava stone symbol of Catania, it stands out in all its
extravagant beauty in the center of the square. Continuing along Via
Etnea, you will find another gem, University Square, where the
headquarters of the rectory.

Continue to Piazza Stesicoro, where, in front of the ruins of the
Roman amphitheater with 15,000 seats located literally under your
feet, you can really understand the history of Catania and see how
they Etna has upset the city over and over again.

Return to Via Manzoni, to turn right on the Alessi Steps, the end of
which you will find yourself in the beautiful Crociferi, a pearl of
Baroque architecture among which Villa Cerami  Faculty of Law and many
churches, including that of St. Giuliano attributed to Giovan Battista
Vaccarini and sets a number of films (Bell’Antonio, History of a
blackcap, The Viceroy).


Before going back it is a must to stop at the kiosk, an place for the
people of Catania to get a hot drink or order a soda and lemon salt
(must) or any other fancy drinks made of fruit syrup and soda water.

When you make time for dinner, The Catania cuisine is an endless world
to explore that satisfies every taste. For this first evening you can
not pass up a fish dinner. Head to the fish market when the square is
filled with excellent restaurants, our favorite is definitely the
Antica Marina.

For lovers of nightlife, Catania has an unparalleled tradition. After
taking a coffee in one of the various restaurants in the city, you can
immerse yourself in the nightlife of Catania, strictly not before 23.
In the square of the Teatro Bellini you will find many pubs and
terraces, some of which are home to live concerts and are also
suitable for older people . The Key point out, Agora, Wine Bar,
Nievski, Paper Mill, Glamour and Scenario Public.


At night you can head to a nightclub, in the summer you will find 90%
of the coast of sand (Playa) or on the cliffs, while in winter
everything takes place in the historical center (MA, 4 winds,
Industries, Barbara Disco Lab, mecati General etc.)

Before returning to the B & B Globetrotter Catania, it is only right
to pass the Etoile d’Or, famous bar next to Piazza Duomo and the fish
market is open 24 hours, where you can find all the specialties of the
typical diner rotisserie Catania and Sicilian or something sweet.

After an energetic breakfast (in summer the inevitable granita and
brioche, but also excellent turnovers, iris, ravioli ricotta,
pistachio, cream …), perhaps by Prestipino, in Cathedral Square at
the corner of Via Garibaldi, you’re ready to immerse yourself in the
soul truest of Catania, just a stone’s throw from the B & B
Globetrotter Catania: piscarìa, the fish market. Open every morning
(except Sundays) from 8 to 14, this ancient market has lost over time
even a bit ‘of its charm. Wandering among the stalls selling fresh
fish by being enveloped by the smells and the cries of fishmongers is
an immersion in the folklore of the city and in the hectic atmosphere
and colored by Arab souk.


Return on Piazza Duomo and if you want you can visit, as well as
inside the cathedral, including the underground part of the square
which houses the Roman baths Achilleane (entrance from Mueso

Take now Via Vittorio Emanuele and after 200 meters you can admire one
of the most famous places in Catania the Greek-Roman Theatre and the
Odeon. After a dip in the glorious atmosphere, it’s time to take a
leap forward in the annals of the late Baroque reaching Piazza Dante,
where you will find the famous Benedictine Monastery. Guided tours to
this eighteenth-century jewel, one of the many World Heritage
enclosing Catania, leave every hour and last about an hour and a half
(from 9 to 18).

After having nourished the eyes and the mind is the time to satisfy
your stomach. Treat yourself to a meal as you have fish in the square
of the fish market .


To dispose of the calories accumulated there’s nothing better than a
nice walk. Go up along Via Etnea until reaching the monumental Villa
Bellini, a meeting place for athletes, the elderly and families of
Catania. Do not miss the floral calendar which is updated every
morning, the Avenue of Illustrious Men and the view from the terrace
that stretches from the sea to the impressive profile of Etna. Going
back to Via Etnea, you can turn left into Via San Giuliano and then
admire the Teatro Bellini, jewel of baroque Catania (open from Tuesday
to Saturday from 10 to 12). Then continue to Biscari Palace, built
after the devastating earthquake of 1693 by one of the most powerful
aristocratic families of the city and enjoyed, among others that go
during their famous trip to Sicily (visits by appointment from the

At this point, if it is sunset time, we should enter the port and
along the pier of Levante, a strip of concrete that will allow you to
take pictures of wonderful colors as the sun goes down and the city
silhouetted Etna view by the sea.

For dinner, tonight we want to dive into the real celebrities of
Catania: horse meat. Head to one of the restaurants that line Ursino
Castle and try one of the many variants in which it is served, or
treat yourself to the unforgettable experience of a street food in Via



After demanding a Saturday, Sunday deserves to be devoted to rest, and
Catania in the summer means one thing the sea. The beaches of Catania
are many, each different from the others. You can choose the 5 km of
sandy beach called Playa, with its beaches, which differ in service
and atmosphere and also home to three public beaches, or the lava
coast called “promenade” in the first part and “cliff” after, also
characterized by private beaches with facilities for young people and
families or wooden platforms with public access to the sea.

An interesting alternative may be a trip to Acicastello and Acitrezza
that, in addition to having one of the most beautiful beaches of
Catania, also offer cultural and tourist attractions perfect for
winter days.

Another option, if the time of your flight I’ll grant, is a morning or
classic tour Etna: will leave you breathless.

However you choose, the morning will spend pleasant, getting you back
to the b & b happy to pack up and head, finally, to the airport. With
Catania in the heart and we are ready to bet it, promising to return

Your weekend in Catania went too fast and you have decided to
concedervene another? Then you can not miss the advice of the B & B
Globetrotter Catania for a route outside the usual tourist guides: Ten
things to do in Catania unusual (but not too)