B&B Catania Sicily and Etna tour

16 Dec

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Accomodation for 2 people at the B&B Globetrotter Catania + Etna excursion ,  total cost of 127 €! Contact us for more info!

Catania lies at the base of the great Volcano Etna. It is the crown jewel in the necklace of picturesque and famed settlements that circumscribe this tallest and most famed of all volcanos in Europe.The heart of Catania beats to the rhythm of the great and awe inspiring natural wonder that is Etna.
Destroyed many times, the city is organized around Via Etnea, its main thoroughfare. Present-day Catania is the “modern” incarnation of this ancient and historic city. It straddles and surrounds this main street of Via Etnea, and was laid out after the 1693 earthquake that decimated more than two-thirds of its population. The present Cathedral (Duomo) was one of the few buildings that survived mostly intact. At that time the middle Baroque period was in full swing. Lutheranism was at its height, and it was time for the Catholics to revamp their churches to rally the faithful. Brilliant architects were employed about the city and they were definitely busy! Flanking Via Etnea, seven beautiful churches were raised from the twisted rubble, and in their line of sight, guess what? Awesome Mt Etna stood majestic, looming beyond the top of the street with dazzling piazza Duomo anchoring it at the bottom.
In a accord with the splendor of the period that was the Middle Baroque, Catania is filled with many noble and historic mansions and churches, each unique with varied carved cherubs and delightful filagrees garcing their facades. Arising also from it’s many trials and tribulations, Catania has a strong desire to live and to thrive. Nowhere is this more evident than its thriving and colorful markets. Case in point, the bustling and vibrant Fish Market (A Piscaria). Here the picturesque (and pungent!) street is filled to bursting with buyers and sellers haggling at stalls filled to the brim with every imaginable type of seafood available in the great Mediterranean Sea that Catania graces.
A stones throw away you will find the B&B Globetrotter Catania (www.globetrottercatania.com) Here you will find the solutions to all your accommodation and vacation needs at prices that are easy on the wallet! Rooms with private bath, self-catering apartments and rooms with shared bathrooms. Also it is a nexus for information regarding the best and most economic tours and excursions in town (www.etnaexperience.com). They will organize everything from trips up Etna to the very top with professional guides, to tours of the world famous Greek temples of Agrigento, or to one of the best preserved Roman Villas in the world at Piazza Armerina. In Catania you will never be bored!
Mt Etna is the highest volcano in Europe, and is included on the list World Heritage sites. In the evening however Catania truly comes alive! As the anthracite tiles disappear under the feet of the curious walkers, when evening tides of eager shoppers and gawkers flood the upclass stores of the wide Via Etnea, when the reveling “Erasmus” university students gather in the cafes and bars, you will feel the vibrancy and fun that is Catania!

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