B&B Catania’s Monday night in Sicily .

1 May

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Movida Monday Night


B&B Catania’s Monday night in Sicily

Catania is a city with a super night life and a new word was created about it “movida catanese”
For 20 years now, thanks to the change in the whole of Sicily, Catania city center has become an incredible place for night life due to many restaurants, pubs and discos which are all within close proximity of each other. Also the sixty thousand university students create a lively atmosphere. These together with a climate that is always temperate have made Catania one of the cities you can go out 365 days a year and in order to focus on this point we want to mention the “Monday night”.
For most, Monday is the saddest day of the week because it is the start of the work week but the Catanesi think differently and if you pass the Agora Hostel next to B&B Catania Globetrotter and the old fish market around 11pm you will be astonished how hundreds and hundreds of people(basically students but not only) are celebrating this boring day in a nice, relaxed, friendly manner by spending all night in the square drinking, talking, eating and meeting new people so come and enjoy Catania’s Monday night!

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