bed and breakfast Catania Sicily + italian cooking lesson

2 Aug

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cooking lesson


bed and breakfast Catania Sicily + + italian cooking lesson

By staying in our B&B in Catania Sicily you will be able to participate in non-professional cooking lessons that take place once a week in our Italian School at the cost of €5 for each person that takes part in the lesson, and the sharing of the meal afterwards with a Sicilian Red Wine!

We now offer a professional cooking class  of Sicilian cuisine which is a complete experience, not just simply a lesson. Guided by our very own chef, one begins by selecting the ingredients at the market and ends by sharing a full course meal with many travelers coming from all across the world with one common factor, lovers of the Sicilian cuisine.

We begin with a quick briefing of our menu of the day, from which you can choose between two or three menus for your lunch, all of which are traditional Sicilian dishes. It also includes a complete list of the all the necessary ingredients to buy and step-by-step recipes for each course – the appetizer, first course, second course, and either a dessert or fruit. As an example, one of menus includes Bruschetta with tomato, garlic, basil, and cheese as an appetizer. It is followed by a first course of Pasta alla Norma, a sauce cooked from tomatoes topped with fried eggplant. Sardines marinated or formed into a small cake-sized dish is the second course. Fruit cut and presented on skewers or tiramisu, an Italian classic, is the dessert.

The price is 49€ per person

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