5 reasons why a digital nomad must choose a Coliving in Sicily

14 Mar

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Coliving in Sicily

“I’m going to live in a coliving!”

“… Sounds cool! But … what is a coliving ?! ”

It is too much fun to observe the reaction of the listener. After explaining what it is, or at least having tried, we move on to the next question. “But would not it be better to take a loft so as to maintain its economic and social independence?” The answer is no. The traditional professions are now outdated by the new concept of online work. More and more young people move away from the old desk, identified with a permanent job or structured business to move on to a much more dynamic concept: remote work. To give you an idea of the occupations that can be done online, take a look at this updated list of jobs for digital nomads. The request of these figures is constantly growing, as well as their names that sometimes are incomprehensible to us, poor mortals of the last century.coworking in Sicily

The first step in the direction of a location-independent work environment was coworking. Born in 1995 in Berlin with c-base and today mainstream practice, born from a real mass tendency to aggregate and share not only knowledge and skills, but also the physical places that we live every day. A sort of office for those who do not have an office but is bored to work alone at home 24 hours a day, but also a space where you can find more and more services and the possibility of networking. All this, seasoned by the possibility of halving the cost of renting a work space, detail not at all to be underestimated especially in large cities.

From the sharing of the office to the sharing of the house, the step is really very short. This is how coliving was born, the latest sharing practice that, inspired by the diffusion of coworking, proposes a sharing that goes beyond mere shared residence, considered the prerogative of university students and young hippies.

coliving Sicily relax

Practicality and community are the key elements of coliving, in which, in addition to the convenience of short and flexible leases, monthly flat rates covering rent, utilities, cleaning and common activities, there is the great advantage of inclusiveness. The goal is not only to simplify the “management of life”, but also to free people’s creative and collaborative spirit. Then go free to all the initiatives, activities and events that can grow the passions of everyone sharing with their roommates. lunches and dinners.

yoga in coliving catania

Coliving today is often a structure that can offer the maximum comfort and privacy you need while remaining open to sharing with others. The community is fundamental in this new concept and here the organization of playful moments represents the glue that unites and can transform this experience into something unique.

The goal is certainly not to remain isolated within the walls of the house, but not even be content with a coworking, which remains a workplace. In coliving one “is forced” to confront and share spaces, needs, lunches and dinners.

coliving sicily dinner

Now the question is: is Sicily ready for digital nomads?

Coliving in Sicily

Sicily is still a virgin land for digital nomads, but with great potential. Here are the 5 criteria of choice that a digital nomad evaluates to choose its destination:

  1. The climate
    The climate of Sicily is unbeatable: mild enough in winter, beautiful in spring and autumn, very hot in summer for sea lovers. Sicily was already half of holidays for the ancient Romans and has always been a place of conquest for its natural beauties. The temperatures can vary a lot in Sicily, even after just one hour, just think that in Catania you pass within a few kilometers from the sea to the top of Etna, the highest volcano in Europe, with its 3335 meters d ‘height.

Catania from airflight

2) Infrastructure and services

Do not be fooled by the photo: in Sicily there are 6 airports, but as far as infrastructures and services are concerned, it is better to limit the choice to Catania and Palermo. Buses and trains connect the two large cities well to any place on the island, while the other Sicilian cities and towns still have great difficulties in connection.

Foreign digital nomads will appreciate knowing that the Italian health system is among the best in the world and even if in the south of the country it is not up to that of the north it remains an excellence in the world.

Internet connections in the Sicilian cities, finally, are excellent, with many bars and restaurants that have free wifi.

excellent transport Sicily

excellent transport in Sicily

3) Fun

Catania is certainly the city of entertainment par excellence, with a nightlife that knows no days or seasons. The people of Catania always want to go out, to stay in the street or around locals. The reception of the Sicilians is certainly one of the strong points of this region and since always the south of Italy is considered as a country in itself, different from the north, both for the habits that, above all, for the warmth of the people.

From a landscape point of view, Sicily is home to an incredible cultural and artistic heritage, with 6 UNESCO heritage sites. Besides beautiful beaches, you will find mountains and the highest volcano in Europe, where in winter it is also possible to ski.

monday night in Catania

  • 4) The quality of life
    This criterion brings together many factors, including safety, food and lifestyle. For many years Sicily has left behind its troubled history linked to the Mafia, and therefore the name of a very dangerous place, to become a very rich half of history and culture. Even the petty crime has collapsed to make way for a level of security among the highest in the world.A special note for food, which has been able to keep track of all the traditions of past dominations. Italian cuisine is the best in the world and the Sicilian cuisine has a special place inside it. Thanks to its privileged climatic conditions, in Sicily it is easy to find all the raw materials, which naturally vary according to the different seasons. Just to give an example, thanks to the presence of Etna, in Catania it is possible to grow from apples to papayas.

fish market Catania

  • 5) The cost of living
    The cost of living in Sicily is probably among the lowest in all of Europe, along with that of Greece. You do not have to be a local to understand where it is better to eat or stay. In the historic center of Catania you can find a shared room at € 150 per month, go to the market and buy fresh fruit and vegetables at € 1 per kg and eat in a restaurant with € 10.

cost of living in Sicily

The only negative aspect for a digital nomad in Sicily could be the level of English, which is very low, even if the Sicilians are very helpful with the language of gestures. No problem: you’ll see that you’ll understand! LOL

The B&B Catania Globetrotter will open its first coliving in Catania from next April, in an apartment with single and double rooms, bathroom, kitchen and shared spaces. For those who need more comfort there will always be the possibility to stay at the en-suite rooms in the B&B or in independent studios.

All these housing solutions will be part of the Globetrotter’s community, very active in the area, which will invite you daily to participate in various events: sports, museum visits, excursions, workshops, lunches and dinners.

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