Coworking in Catania Italian School Federico II

3 Feb

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Work in a shared space while maintaining independence! Coworking (sharing the same workspace), offers a solution to the problem that many atypical professionals have, perhaps forced to stay isolated, at home, with many distractions. “Having a place appointed for the job is different than working from home, making it more productive. And then, being in contact with other people is more challenging.” The cultural association Federico II has decided to open a coworking space in the historic center of Catania, mainly directed to all those (foreigners and not) who want to experience our culture. The proposal aims to sponsor the city of Catania as an option for those seeking a destination with many advantages but low cost. Ours has always been a city with many advantages and great potential, curbed only by our system that does not give opportunities to foreigners who wish to seek long term employment. The boys of the Federico II are well aware, having 8 years welcomed people from all over the world, that many gave up to leave our island for lack of work. However, this is changing, and the new digital nomad trend (jobs that can be done remotely) allows for many to settle anywhere with no need to look for a job, but simply a low-cost place to live (like what we offer), good atmosphere, good food, nature, history and especially a lot of human warmth. Since January 2017, we’ve begin this new ‘inside the school that will cost only €15 for entry’ association and the opportunity to participate eventually in the Italian language courses and cultural activities organized regularly. There will be a classroom made available to anyone who wants or needs to work, fast wifi and practically help for everything you need to live in Catania, including the search for accommodation.
The bed and breakfast in Catania Globetrotter has also made available a free location for coworking.

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