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Make your visit in Catania Sicily really special: learn to cook like a real Italian and experience the warm-hearted and relaxed atmosphere of a family restaurant, eating dishes you have prepared yourself alongside fellow lovers of Italian cuisine. With the Globetrotter B&B cooking classes, you will discover Catania whilst being entertained and educated.

Anyone who has ever visited Catania could tell you: this is an unforgettable city, and not only for its historical baroque centre, famous around the world, the stunning Mt. Etna and its national park, the warm climate that graces its beaches for most of the year, or the vibrant night-life. Catania will always stay in your heart for its rich and flavoursome culinary tradition.

The fish that come in fresh every morning, the Pasta alla Norma, alivi cunzati (seasoned olives), arancini, granita with brioche, all of those tiny sweet delicacies that you can never have enough of, wines of the highest quality to accompany a varied and exciting cuisine…

A journey amongst the delicacies of Catania is never-ending.

So, since there is no better way to discover a city than tasting its food, if you really want to get to know the soul of Catania, you mustn’t miss this unique opportunity to discover the secrets of its most famous dishes and learn to cook them, so that at the end of your journey you can go home with a genuine Sicilian experience.

Our cooking classes, however, won’t just teach you to cook like a real Italian: they will make you feel like a real Italian, as before you get cooking, you’ll be going out and choosing the best ingredients to bring your dishes to life.

One of our chefs will come with you to go shopping amongst the stalls of the characteristic Catania fish market (at Piscarìa), where on top of the experience of daily Sicilian life, you will be able to touch, to taste, to learn to identify and choose with care the ingredients for your very own menù del giorno.

Once you’ve filled up your baskets, it’s time to get cooking! In the building of the cultural assocation and Italian school Federico II, in one of the most beautiful palaces on Piazza del Duomo, a fully-equipped kitchen is waiting for you where, with the professional guidance of our staff, you will learn step-by-step how to “put together” the dish of the day.

But what pleasure is there in cooking if you can’t… taste it!

So, when the aromas start spilling from the kitchen, when the wine bottles are being uncorked, the last part of the course begins, the most awaited, the most “social”, the most fun part: Lunch.

Here in Sicily, we don’t like overly-formal atmospheres, so we will all have lunch around one big table, like friends that have come together from each corner of the world to socialise, to get to know one another, to discuss cooking and toast the day we’ve enjoyed with each other.

In a relaxed, typically Italian atmosphere, glasses clinking and chins wagging, you’ll test your cooking abilities alongside your fellow adventurers, tasting the dishes that you yourselves have prepared. And when you return home, the secrets of those dishes will be with you.


Italian cooking class schedule

11:00 – 12:00 Shopping at the fish-market.

12:00 – 13:30 Cooking lesson in English.

13:30 – 14:30 Lunch and socialising.


Location: Catania.

Language: English

Price: €30 per persons, lunch and drinks included (water, red or white wine dell’Etna).

Max. 10 participants


Cooking has never been so fun! Contact us to find out the dates and details of the next cooking class organised by Globetrotter B&B Catania!