La tavola calda a Catania in Sicily

4 Dec

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La tavola calda a Catania in Sicily

English speaking people cannot figure out what these words mean as lots of Sicilian emigrants just dream about this.  One of the “musts” for Italian people in everyday life is going to the well known bars where many beautiful and delicious things can be found. These bars are busy from early morning breakfast with espersso etc to the tavola calda specialities for lunch and so on. There are many different specialities in Sicilian cities, especially in the 2 big ones. Catania and Palermo are always in competicion, not only in football but even in the kitchen, so the specialities are the “ arancino” with ragu’ or butter. In Catania you can also find them with pistacchio, egg plant and spinach. La “cartocciata” looks like a small calzone in different flavours:  ham, cheese, tomato, aubergine and mushrooms, La “ cipollina” pasta sfoglia filled with tomato, cheese and lots of onion, Then there is la bolognese, la bomba , il patè, le pizzette and so on.

You can find these famous bars within walking distance from the B&B Catania Globetrotter next to Prestipino, Savia and Spinella all open until 23hrs, then you also have the 24hr bars  l’Etoile d’Or o Scardaci.


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