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More and more single women, but not only foreign, “fall” in Sicily in search of male attention. The lure is irresistible in this  world in which Western feminism has brought a revolution sacrosanct in terms of women’s rights, but also boundaries between the sexes continue to blur and undoubted loss of “roles”, the extreme tip of south Italy jumps out women looking for adventure as a happy oasis. Catania, in particular, is one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism by women, with thousands of groups of friends and women, who choose the beautiful town of Etna with the explicit intention is there eyes.


It is not, however  only of sexy  tourism in the strict sense, although opportunities in this sense there is no lack of certain sensual pleasure and often represents the longed landing point, but holiday times to rediscover the woman and her femininity. In this sunny land and history, the fantasies of women find fulfillment , from the most spicy ones that smell like confetti. A bath of self-esteem, in fact, able to make in a matter of hours can add benefits of a psychotherapeutic  counseling and rejuvenate more than one session of face-lift.


Sicily like Jamaica and Santo Domingo, then? It would seem so, yes, and the reasons are not an unfathomable mystery. Why sex tourism for women located in Catania a unique destination, made so not only costs considerably cheap compared to any exotic destination but also offer everything that a mature woman and demanding and  want, a lush and variety of history, cultural life refined and  a  awesome culinary tradition. Let’s be honest how many other cities in the world offer the opportunity to climb one of the largest active volcanoes in Europe, swim among the rocks of Polyphemus, admire the remains of an ancient Greek theater and satisfy the senses of great sword fish in one day.


Catania likes easy winning and its best card is the Catanese man.

Yeah, because the Catanese takes care of you carefully as you always wished and his talent is make you feel unique desired and beautiful. Few minutes walk in via Etnea make you feel like a super star and you will notice all eyes on you.

Do you think I’m exagerating? So, get your ticket to Catania and you will figure out by yourself. For now just keep in your mind that the Catanese man may get you addicted more than Nutella because

… the Catanese doesn’t what shyness means


If you are looking for holidays spicy and men that can satisfy your desire for transgression, a weekend in Catania certainly will not disappoint. Prepare to be welcomed for the way between smiles that spread copious as a sunny day after downpour, to be accompanied by long whistles of admiration as you stroll between the windows  for reason there are cleary obvious l will not be forced to bring it back to the road. That man are forces to be direct as Red Arrow, and it can sometimes seem brash rarely strays far not allowed, keeping the irresistible mix of cockiness and Latin gallantry gentleman old fashioned that make, for women in search of adventure, a unique collectibles.


… the Catanese makes you feel a real woman


Think carefully before you answer, how long has it been since you felt a woman with a capital W ? If the answer is a long time then search no more.  But to put all the blame on men, because the responsibility rests, as always in this world, in both parties. Western society has exchanged equal rights for equal roles and now lives a worrisome leveling of the sexes, with women forced to barter their femininity in exchange for recognition and the man to take refuge in a corner like a frightened animal confused on their identity. For some mysterious divine concession Sicily has managed to reconcile modernity and tradition, recognizing the woman rights but the duties while preserving gender roles rather defined. That’s because Sicily, and Catania in the first place, are so attractive a destination for single women in search of adventure but also a hint of romance.


Do not be surprised, therefore, if when you make the gesture of paying your glass of wine the bartender shake his head saying “Here we are in Sicily, lady, and ladies from us do not pay”, or if the rider of the moment you open the door the machine to get up and find it hard to wait for the end of appetizer to flood you with a flood of compliments. The man Catania knows the value of a woman and never misses a chance to remind her.


… The Catanese will bring home to mom


The Italian is “mama’s boy”, you know, and if this “quality” does not always stand out as a quality eye foreigner is no doubt that on occasion has its advantages. Dating in the dark? Clandestine adventures? Romantic dates away from prying eyes? But even dream! The man Catania takes you straight to lunch Mammì. That welcomes you, not even to say, as his favorite Picciridda, riempiendoti of questions and smiles while trying to rifilarti yet another portion of caponata. If the structured life and a bit ‘chilly you’re used to do not yet ruined, the sudden immersion in the warmth Sicilian family will have on your body for attention the effect of a vaporous and enveloping aroma bath in a Jacques


… the Catanese men are statistically more than women



For example you just take a walk in the evening in Teatro Massimo, the heart of Catania scene, the men travel far outnumber women. Tradition plays an important role also in this case, because although things have changed dramatically in recent decades, it is still quite unusual for the woman Catania go out at night with friends, especially if you focus the potential encounters with the opposite sex. This means many more men at large and, in view of the feminine fond of sex tourism, “more men on the loose” is equivalent to an appetizing number of prey available.


Catania is an attractive destination not only for women in search of adventure, but also for the LGBT community. Read our article on Catania Gay Friendly.