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Catania and it’s people, a place beyond any imagination, in which the connection to the city is stronger than any other place.
The visceral relationship that each Catanese has with his native land is so intense as to leave open-mouthed  even the other sicilians that work, study, for fun, travel, and especially for the food, set foot in this unusual, wonderful, eclectic, lively city of Sicily.
The food, that thing that no one can do without, and let people get up every day in the morning thinking about what and where to eat.
The FOOD, it’s the great culture of a people, what most defines its identity.
In the case of Catania its the street food that makes this city unique, that draws the Catanese and even tourists to the road.
Well yes Catania is considered the homeland of this way of eating.
But what really is “Street Food”?
The street food is the art of eating the typical food of the road, the local specialties of a specific location. You can even eat while walking, because it requires no cutlery or plates.
In short, the city you go, street food you find.
The real “street food” to try in Catania is the “Tavola Calda” , suitable for fast breaks like for example “arancini( a deep fried rice and meat ball),  cartocciate ( a folded pizza made of salted bread dough,stuffed normally with ham,cheese and tomato sauce), cipolline  (stuffed with ham,cheese and onion); and a lots of other delicious things. The best bar to try that is next to the B&B Globetrotter Catania called l’Etoil d’or open 24h.
Also one of the most traditional and picturesque areas of Catania is the well-known “Via Plebiscito”, in which various homely restaurants, where the warmth and friendliness of the owners and their staff can make you feel right at home. Where you can experience a real Sicilian dining atmosphere, trying one of Catania’s favourite dishes – grilled horse meat that comes in a variety of versions, for example horse steak,horse sausages, horse meat balls. Also don’t miss the spring onion wrapped in pancetta. These are a definite must for those who come to Catania. Globetrotter selfcatering apartments are still in the historical center of Catania in Ursino’s square just next via Plebiscito.

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