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3 Feb

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The desire for adventure, to discover the world has become the dream for everyone, young and old. Films such as Around the World in 80 Days have opened the imagination, and the desire to drop everything and open a beach bar on an unknown island has tempted many.
Travel Abroad

viaggiare all'estero

For some years, especially among young people between high school and university, have taken the chance to treat themselves to a gap year. But the seventh year is not only the prerogative of young people; even adults, sometimes, at some point in their working career leave work for a period in search of inspiration.

This practice has resulted in a new trend, that offers an unparalleled opportunity to do an extended holiday and, at the same time, learn something new. Even to simply reduce the costs of a life experience, this allows you to enter directly into the social fabric of any country you visit: volunteer work.
Workaway Catania

workaway Catania

In the past there have been several good initiatives that have attempted to address this need, such as eu-pair jobs and work on organic farms through the Wwoof platform. But neither of those have never spread much, especially in Italy. Perhaps because research was based mostly on personal knowledge.

However. with web development and just a few years, many online platforms have been born that provide more opportunities to carry out volunteer work in all countries of the world! To the point that there has been coined a new term to define all the people participating in this experience in exchange for room and board or just accommodation: workaway (from the first website name dedicated to the work exchange).

I challenge anyone to explore one of the best-known platforms and not begin to dream of doing volunteer work, experiencing the snows of Greenland sled dogs or becoming part of the crew of a boat that makes excursions in Polynesia. In short, the desire to become a globetrotter, and especially the new frenzy to discover the world (wanderlust), has increased day by day by both volunteers and the opportunities offered in various parts of the globe.


working abroad

Working Abroad
Currently, the most popular online platform is Workaway, offering employment opportunities in all sectors. But other strong platforms are Wwoof (for those who desire work in the countryside), Helpx, and Worldpackers; the latter specializing in tourist accommodation (hotels, hostels, bed & breakfast).

Obviously not all experiences are a dream, so you should thoroughly read the offer, working conditions, treatment, location, and the opportunities to share the experience with other volunteers. You can also refer to the reviews, with due caution.

The bed and breakfast in Catania Globetrotter was among the first to embrace this philosophy of life and begin to accept workaway, volunteers, and foreigners who want to discover Sicily through an experience that will enable them to learn more about the customs of Catania. For those who have already mastered the Italian language and wish to stay longer than one month, there is also the opportunity to be trained for reception work, in some cases.

 volunteer Catania

 Volunteer Catania
The formula of the B & B Catania Globetrotter has always been to offer shared accommodation with other volunteers, an Italian course for foreigners, several opportunities to socialize, and familiarize with the city of Catania through the school of Italian; Federico II. But above all, you are asked for a commitment of 15 hours a week, with 2 days off to make the most of your stay in Catania, thanks owner Daniel Russo, fellow traveler and three time volunteer in New Zealand
Why Catania
Catania is one of the most vibrant cities in Southern Italy, with a busy nightlife (for those who love going out at night),and a large population of university students. The city is located between sea and mountains, surrounded by nature and with a wonderful climate all year round! You can swim from April to November and you can ski on Mount Etna for a few months in winter. The food is fantastic and the cost of living is very low.
The hospitality and warmth of Sicily will make you cry twice; once when you arrive and once when you leave.

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